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Australia’s leading expert in sustainable public lighting projects and technical support


An evidence-based action planning framework that drives measurable reductions in emissions


Strategically approach resource efficiency and sustainability across all types of council buildings


Embed sustainability into all aspects of policy and planning through the One Planet principles approach

Our Process

Science Derived Targets for Australian Councils: Taking the Confusion Out of Community Emissions Reduction Target Setting

In Australia, councils have long set community emissions reduction targets. In fact, in 2008, 240 Australian councils, representing 84% of the…

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Josh Frydenberg Says Change Your Street Lights and He’ll Pay: The $1 Billion Budget Item That Can Be Used for Council Climate Action

We talk you through the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure (LRCI) Program – what approach to take and how best to prepare. With insights from…

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If Only You Had Control Over Your Public Lighting… What would you do?

Imagine the perfect world of public lighting where councils had complete control over their assets. No need to worry about complex negotiations with…

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